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Smart AI matching platform

CASHBELL is the smart AI matching platform based on the blockchain technology where everyone is a participant, an advertiser, a customer and a rewarder.


What we do

We have created a space for advertisers, customers, and Internet marketers. Cashbell is the place where everyone can make a profit with a simple method

What our goal is

We are here to help promote companies and share our profits with all users who are advertisers and even consumers, so that can make profits for everyone

What we aim

We aim to be the best company in the world with various services that all participants are satisfied with

  • Advertisers


- Simply, you pay for advertising


-  We will issue discount coupons to customers and also distribute our cashbell points to customers upon payment.

  • Consumers 

-  You can get the discounted price through the coupon and also receive additional discounts via cashbell points.

  • Intersection

- Customers can earn cashbell points when you just click the ads or use it when you pay. All points you get, can be used for discounting when you pay or for deducting the cost when you post your ads up on Cashbell as an advertiser.

  • All participants  


- As consumers, advertisers, individual sellers and buyers, all you can get cashbell points that can use to pay.

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